Black Island Farms is located along the wetlands in Syracuse, Utah. This is where our 300 acre, active vegetable farm has been operating for over 52 years. The Charlie Black(s), both Senior and Junior, started the farm in 1960. Charles F. Black, Jr. has watched the organization grow into an award winning vegetable farm. His son-in-law, Brandon Law, along with his son Tilar Law and Logan Barker now manage the farm. Brandon and Dorathy’s children are now helping out on the farm, even the little one — she loves to feed the goats!

The farm’s main crops are carrots, cabbage, pumpkins and grain. It’s an attraction for thousand of families who search for a sample of country life as they visit Black Island Farms Harvest Festival each fall. They come to experience the thrill and challenge of the maze as well as entertainment attractions and much more! Black Island Farms is looking to become a leader in the “agri-tainment farming” or agri-tourism field.

Our award winning farm has been recognized for our quality in produce and for cooperating with the Conservation Society.

Our event objective is … to keep the dream of the ‘American Farm’ alive, sustain its rich heritage and to provide an alternate, entrepreneurial financial resource.

Our goals are … to provide entertainment to the general public, to promote awareness of agriculture, and to create an environment in which one can have fun while accepting the various challenges the maze has to offer.

We have joined the new concept of agri-tainment, agriculture and entertainment. The result is a means of bringing the two worlds together to get families off the couch and into the corn. This recurring seasonal event will trigger expectation, which will foster return visits year after year. Each visit unveils new and exciting challenges that will enthrall children, bond families, and boost employees’ moral while delivering the message of the American farm.

Black Island Farms reaches across generations.
Children attack it like a video game, and youth accept the challenge of the game.
Seniors come to Black Island Farms and reconnect with their own memories of growing up on the farm.